04 December 2010

I wonder where she got that shawl.


Greenbean said...
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Factory Supervisor said...


what about my new hat??

wrenna said...

Isn't it awesome? I knew you'd like the hat. I'd bet that is a Civil War medal on his lapel. I still wonder how they afforded that shawl.

wrenna said...

Correction: using Tin Eye, the reverse image search engine, I tracked this photo to a cover of the book, Pedro Páramo ; El llano en llamas [Pedro Páramo and The Burning Plain], the only two books written by the Mexican author Juan Rulfo. They were first published in 1955 and 1953. Rulfo is considered, with Borges, one of the most important writers in Spanish of the 20th century.

Amazon would not let me see inside the book where credit for the photo may be hidden. Wikipedia says that over 6000 of the author's photographic negatives are held by the Juan Rulfo Foundation. A book of his photos, Oaxaca, has been published and a photo blog showed some of them [http://blog.photoeye.com/2010/08/melanies-picks-juan-rulfos-oaxaca.html]. At first I thought the photo might be by him but even a cursory look made that seem unlikely.

Next up I found this:
where the photo is listed as part of the collection of Bruce Bernard, a painter who in the 1940s was a friend of Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud, among others. While working for the Sunday Times he travelled to art and photography fairs, collecting. The photo is listed as Anonymous, "Veteran of Waterloo and his wife, c. 1850-1860." A book has been published by Phaidon.

Factory Supervisor said...


but, i could have saved you the time, i still have the receipt for my hat, francis bought it me.

seriously though,
amazing work and information.
you can bury so much within an image...

does the concept of 1850 not make you feel...
passing? .. disconnected...??