27 February 2011

It is very cold. I fall back asleep in the early morning only to have nightmares.
I have acquired a tapestry from my Oma.

25 February 2011

Lately after I go to the library I feel like I need to shower off the grime, like, immediately.
Yesterday I was in a hurry to get home and a man in the lineup at the grocery store asked me if I wanted to go in front of him with my little sandwich and juice. I thanked him, twice. As I walked out of the store the traffic light turned red, stopping my bus across the intersection so that I would have time to cross and get on. All the way home my connections were perfect.

23 February 2011

I have been writing papers all day. Two down, one to go. Cheers to sweet company from the cat and disc three of Joanna Newsom's Have One On Me.

20 February 2011

Yesterday I browsed through 1806 search results because I couldn't decide which terms to use to narrow it. I wrote down some interesting things. Today I visited in person indexes to a journal that didn't help me, and found an article that did help by accident, paginated directly before one required for another class. Proper research areas are appearing like constellations in the night sky, but with less charm.

18 February 2011

I have been very quiet, with panic earlier in the week and memory lapses ongoing. Hopefully everything is okay.

17 February 2011

Woke up to the cat curled up beside my head, purring, and patting me on the mouth with a pawful of claws.
Shy U.S. Intellectual Created Playbook Used in a Revolution

not to give an American too much credit...

14 February 2011

Outside the oregano is beginning to grow, green and fuzzy under grass and bare winter twigs. I picked a handful, gusts of wind blowing through my sweater.
Literally the poem's 33 characters read something like this:

Often remember stream pavilion evening,
Becoming intoxicated not remember way home.
Instead exhausted late returning boat,
Mistake enter lotus flower deep place.
How cross. How cross.
Frighten up bank gulls egrets.

13 February 2011

Like a Dream (Ru meng ling)

I will always recall that day at dusk,
    the pavilion by the creek,
and I was so drunk I couldn't tell
    the way home. My mood left me,
it was late when I turned back in my boat
and I strayed deep among lotuses-
how to get through?
how to get through?
and I startled to flight a whole shoal
    of egrets and gulls.

Li Qingzhao (1084-ca.1151)

12 February 2011

It has been pouring rain all day. I finished the small piece of writing I have been struggling with. It is now crammed with ideas leading off in all directions; a third of it is juicy footnotes leading to fascinating sources, a real scouring of archives, card catalogues and newly updated electronic databases. This makes it "me" after all that struggle. It still is not critical enough.
It is a good day to be a citizen of the world when the Egyptian people not only stage a peaceful revolution, but return to Tahrir Square with their own dustpans and brooms to clean up its mess.

08 February 2011

Cooked up a bok choy the size of a small shrub.
It is snowing photocopies at my desk. I have done LOTS of research. But do you think I can construct arguments bringing it to play? I cannot. At least I am not crying about it.

05 February 2011

By Friday I have worked all week doing my reading carefully but am still not quite prepared enough for class. I go and am nonetheless treated well and when it finishes I leave and work hard all afternoon. I have never worked so hard on Fridays. It is the secret to staying ahead.