30 March 2011

Are you rationing the number of NY Times articles you're reading too?


Factory Supervisor said...

I must admit that I was addicted to reading news article updates on the 'Spiderman' musical when in NYC

Just for the fact that this involved so much money, was deemed to be 'newsworthy'
..was a musical..
..was about 'Spiderman'
and involved the 'so-called' serious & intellectual 'artists' Bono & 'The Edge' from that popular pop travesty U2.

Everything in this appalled me..
..and fascinated in equal measures.

wrenna said...

I have been obsessed by the Japanese nuclear reactor meltdown. The NYT has limited non-subscribers to twenty articles a month before they begin requesting payment. Previously it had been a bastion of high-quality reporting unlimited to browsing.