08 April 2011

One of my professors studied with Grafton at Princeton. She says he is probably the teacher who inspired her most. She also says that he was famous for walking around reading, all of the time, and almost getting into accidents because he would not look up. I count myself lucky to have studied with her because she is a constant stream of inspiration.


Factory Supervisor said...

We all need that inspiration..
I like the sound of Grafton more and more...
I like the absorbed world..

Like my world, but full of rich intellect...

where mine is full of rusted metal and discarded bits of old wood..

wrenna said...

We could have a Grafton reading group.

I adore your new work, so much work of history.

Factory Supervisor said...

I think we should..

I'm re-reading a favourite book at the moment because I cannot stand to not be with the characters any longer... I miss them too much..
..as well as associate very closely with the main character and all of his issues..
I will post something re this soon.

Thankyou regarding the my new work, I have felt a connection with the new work stronger than any previous.. maybe you feel that connection as well?
I also feel removed enough to look at it with a disconnected objective appreciation; as I have a part in it; but not complete responsibility.
if that makes any sense.

thought not!

wrenna said...

It is an amazing feeling to be working with the work (not more sensible, but I think I might know).