02 April 2011

Today my tea faerie made me a cup of proper matcha. My first cup of thick matcha. I was showing off my new plants ("you must meet lily of the valley" - my mom killed the ones in her garden in a fit of mania so I had to get some of my own of this very easily propagated plant) and she said she had to demonstrate the necessity of the tea whisk, and she was right, now I just have to get me some of that. Over the moon on antioxidizing caffeine now.


Factory Supervisor said...

I would like to hear in more detail about this process..

wrenna said...

Matcha is made from gyokuro leaves that have been ground. Gyokuro is made by shading tea plants for 2-6 weeks driving up the caffeine and chlorophyll content of the leaves, giving it a darker and greener flavor than sencha. Half a teaspoon of matcha powder goes into a small bowl-cup maybe 3/4 cup in volume. Water heated or cooled to 74 degrees gets poured in, less than a quarter cup total, and stirred with a bamboo whisk to dissolve the tea powder. You stir slowly at first, and then very quickly in a W pattern so that the mixture froths. Then you add about a quarter cup more water before drinking it. The mixture is very highly caffeinated and high in antioxidants.

From the reading I've done, I think in a formal tea ceremony you might only get a sip of this from a bowl shared among all the guests after you have eaten something... otherwise you may find as I did that the tea makes you feel ill.