01 May 2011

Helped my sister move today. I think I got a sunburn in my eyes while guarding the pickups. While out of my sight one of them lost her mattress, which was funny because my sister wasn't there when it happened. When we got there she had been crying because the renters at her new place, who were supposed to be out yesterday, were still there. The mattress was found, holding up traffic. When we got to the new house, a couple of East Van kids were lying on the front lawn doing yoga in their underwear. "Ew," said the boyfriend, and then the girlfriend began petting a wriggling worm. Then my sister went inside, looked around, and began crying on the phone to her landlord: the previous tenant had left black skid marks on all the walls. So she was overwhelmed. Pizza, beer, the end.


Boris Kane said...

so this is why i saw gummi worms wriggling around in my dream.

i like the ending.

wrenna said...

Would've been better if you were there!

Boris Kane said...

beer-ing away