12 July 2011

Also, I had been wondering about the purple dresses...


Factory Supervisor said...

..and again, like the lamp..
a pic of you in a purple dress??

wrenna said...

I was referring to Kate Middleton conspicuous for repeatedly appearing at official evening engagements in North America in purple dresses. It turns out some jerk sent a photo of her sister Pippa goofing around drunk at a party in a lavender brassiere to a newspaper and I think the purple dresses are some sort of code for something.

Alas, I don't have a purple dress. I'll work on the photo of the lamp, though.

Factory Supervisor said...

Princess Di is wearing a new dress..?


I look forward to some lamp.

wrenna said...

The video is blocked in my country!

I will try to have some lamp action here by Friday evening my time, Saturday morning for you.