08 July 2011

Fridays are slightly useless. I need to recover from my German tests, which means even though I wake up at 6 am and sometimes can't get back to sleep, I want to spend my extra hours drinking lightly caffinated, highly astringent tea and reading art and culture magazines. In the afternoon I volunteer at an endless, thankless, mindless task at the city museum. I have a book about prostitution, trading sex for goods or entertainment and courtship as being on a continuum and I am fascinated (even though it is a simple and obvious premise). Except for when he was once high and whiney I always paid my own way but I figured it was because my boyfriend wanted money to spend on drugs and alcohol, and otherwise wouldn't see me, not that I was taking some sort of feminist position. I didn't want to put out and that is what this book traces the history of.

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