13 July 2011

If you have any small children in your life, you should really check out Phaidon's children's books. I have a soon-to-be four-year-old cousin who liked Beatrice Almaida's Bugs In A Blanket at three and I was delighted to find a whole series translated (with illustrations by Sempé!) from the French called Nicholas. I am only sorry I didn't think to check up on Phaidon on-line until after my disappointing last-few-days visit to the bookstore... maybe he has a back-to-school-present in his future? I have been reading him Curious George for a year, the little dude seriously needs some new troublemakers in his life. **Now I find out he already has Nicholas on Vacation, but his mom loves it, in capital letters. It is always more fun to be the discoverer of something fantastic.

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