01 July 2011

It turns out language classes are a good way to meet people, in my case, especially people with atypical academic careers. I met a woman who is one year older than my Chinese medical and sensory history prof and wants to be a therapist. She loves her therapy that comes from a masters student at the Adler Institute at $40 an hour. She is animated, she is fun, I found out ways in which my hospitable German relatives are like hers and therefore, I assume, typically German. She says next summer there may be an exchange trip to the Frei Universität in Berlin and I wanted to transport myself there immediately. I also got to talk to a philosophy student. Because I managed to get done even more homework than I had to do I had lots of time to talk, like I never do, in class. The problem is, after I get home from these late night classes I wake up five hours later, which makes me feel kind of crazy.

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