27 July 2011

My Opi says that I need German tv so that I can get some culture. Today he told me about Gemütlichkeit*. He has offered to pay for this endeavor. He offers to pay for nothing. He showers, I think, once a week to save water. It may be that he was certain my cable company does not carry Deutsche Welt and wants me to come and watch tv with him. But I now feel confident in reporting that learning something hard in school is psychologically made much easier with the support of one's family.

*spending time with other people, strangers in restaurants for example, like they are family, says Opi. Or following Google Translate


  1. coziness
  2. friendliness
  3. snugness
  4. leisure
  5. comfortableness
  6. pleasantness
  7. informality
  8. good-naturedness
  9. approachability
  10. unhurriedness

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