04 July 2011

a walk and plant watering to avoid another panic attack this evening. it is beautiful out there though.


Factory Supervisor said...

Hope you are well, calm & relaxed.

It is beautiful out there,
sometimes... we forget that.

wrenna said...

Last night on the bus ride home my classmates were commenting on how stressed I looked. I tried to say it was nothing but it seems like my body gets more stressed out than my thoughts would account for much of the time.

Factory Supervisor said...

i myself have found myself stressed out this year, i have taken two hits of possible job redundancy.. escaping each.. put with the possible heart attack in the post.
strange behaviour... friends who appear no longer to want to be friends...
all in all... the lowest of lows.
a bad start...

i seem to take solace in listening to the birds and drinking cask ales.

the world is strange.
it smells funny.

i hope you have a good nights sleep.

stress is a bitch.

wrenna said...

You are very kind and your visits here delightful. If I could sit down for a cask ale with you I would in an instant.