18 August 2011

Grandma says thank you for asking. She was optimistic after seeing and talking to her sister, but shortly after she and grandpa left they x-rayed her wrist and found it to be broken and now Fran, Eileen's daughter says her mother is seeing things that aren't there, which they're calling dementia. Grandma had mentioned before that Eileen had talked about forgetting her evening medications, which would have potentially caused her stroke if they were the blood pressure ones. I remember her being very lively and seeming more youthful than my grandma, who is her younger sister, but her husband has died and I think losing that companionship makes a big difference. My grandparents are in their eighties. I know they can't hold on forever, but every time I see them together I think of how engaged they are with each other and the world, and how that always seems to give them the win. They are very task-oriented. Grandma does telephone conversations in under five minutes, this one especially so as she was waiting to hear back from Fran.


An Unreliable Witness said...

Selfishly speaking, I confess that I don't click through to this site often enough. But you have a beautiful way of writing. (And thank you for still reading.)

wrenna said...

It is probably because my blog is extremely boring and self-involved. But that is quite the complement to impart when you could be off making stylish and acerbic prose. I confess I just found your Twitter and was re-impressed with the fact that you can do so all day.