29 August 2011

I got myself in a little bit of a situation with the cats today. I let an eight-month-old cat out of her cage. The rule is they have to stay in their cages until they are a year old, but I recall hearing that a cat's immune system is mature at eight months and she had an exact birthdate and looked forlorn so I bent the rule. The cat very nimbly maneuvered herself up the vertical face of her cage and onto the roofs of the cat houses for a stroll. Then she came down and wandered around, only to get hissed at by the adult cats, one of whom, Buddy, was in my lap. Buddy is all black. He had a brother, Tigger, with whom he was abandoned, and Tigger was adopted very quickly due to the fact that he would roll around whenever anyone pet him. Buddy mourned. He sat in his bed for months and barely moved to eat. Now Buddy is just as his name suggests, and loves to sit in laps. Except... someone put the little cat in Buddy's double sized cage for a few weeks. He hissed at her, little hisses, but it seemed mean to keep her there, so because of that and the age thing, she got moved out. But this morning the little cat parked herself in the farthest corner of Buddy's cage, and, when I had to put everyone back in their places at the end of my shift, her tiny body kicked up an almighty fuss, with claws flying everywhere. Buddy sat up and turned his back to the fuss. Folks, we have a dilemma.

*If I had more unlimited assets I would adopt Buddy for he is a loner like I am.

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