02 August 2011

I took my cat for a walk. It went very slowly, with lots of lying down along the way. We checked out his snake-catching points and he rolled around in the dirt. He purred while I carried him inside and then went and lay down beside his favourite window. It was a modest success, I think. I am worried about my level of anxiety and whether it might mean I am over or under medicated and whether my eyes have sunburn because my pupils won't un-dilate and I am uncomfortable. I met a man on the bus today, who said, "oh god don't read that book," The Essential Edmund Husserl, that is, as I was returning it to the library, not having worked up the mental stamina to dig into it. It turned out he had a PhD in philosophy of mind, and a wife who cheated on him with the supervisor of his dissertation at the University of London (pretty impressive school), and he can't have been that much older than I am, so we talked all the way downtown on the train and exchanged phone numbers for a potential coffee date, because I like to be open to short friends with kind and funny things to say about my books. Now I am going to do some reading about cannibalism and I may have to skim so wish me luck.

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