07 August 2011

My housemates have taken two weeks vacation leaving me a dog and garden to take care of. While the rest of the team gets up and goes on the dog's schedule, the dog knows that these days she's not going anywhere until I have had a cup of (decaf) coffee. Since when will I take an aversion to music, an oversensitivity to caffeine and no orgasms to go with my medication? Since the other medication will make me fat and lactating, apparently. The cat likes to make the dog jealous by snuggling up to me and purring loudly. I have two writing projects that need to get finished, as well as possibly getting my head around some difficult German philosophy in preparation for a conversation about hermeneutics sometime in September. I have taken the weekend off, but have done as much work as when it was on my mind and therefore I was having anxiety attacks last week. There is a lot of other reading of things I would like to have familiarity with but that is not going to happen this summer. I only need to take two classes in September and I'd be done but I need three recommendations for library school. I might have two, and one would be from a professor I would like to take my major's seminar from in the fall. If instead of finishing in December I get permission to graduate on exchange and am allowed to go on a trip to Berlin, I would like to stay through May and spend my summer reading Faust in German. Library school is a pragmatic choice, but I don't know that they'd let me in. Many people are more pragmatic than I. What I'd really get excited about doing is comparative literature, but I kind of suck at languages (and have anxiety attacks erasing my memory) and am not all that smart, so I doubt with my history they'd let me in. I doubt that I would find it rewarding to do at this point, I still want a professor who talks and talks. When I got a real job I went crazy. That is everything that is on my mind right now.


Factory Supervisor said...

not all that smart? yeah right.. you're the smartest person i know.
I love Faust, went to a recent performance at the Royal Exchange in Manchester, mind blowing.. to
And one of the greatest entrances by
Mephistopheles I've ever seen..
truly wonderful...

wrenna said...

I am all too aware of my limitations, which drive me batty. You are lucky to live near a truly big city, I can imagine the magic.

I miss your magical blogs and blips, consummate creative soul that you are.