15 August 2011

My parents are always on vacation when significant family events happen... one goes suicidally missing and his brothers try to find him in the night, a baby is born premature with complications, and now my grandma's sister has had a stroke effecting the communicating parts of her brain. I phone and my parents have no advice. My grandma is visiting tomorrow. She says that she is not planning a visit to the island because there is family there and the sister does not even have a room at the hospital yet, she is stuck sleeping in the emergency ward. It takes so much longer for the elderly to be cared for and my grandparents have always been so patient about this. I meanwhile, would have liked to be there to intervene with the x-ray attendant who re-broke my grandma's broken arm. Grandma has been talking with her sister's daughter, the daughter she never had, my father's schizophrenic cousin who relies on my grandma for comfort, everyday. She says it was a small stroke. Growing old, as they say, isn't for sissies.


Boris Kane said...

rays on sunshine being sent your way

wrenna said...

Thank you Boris. Sunshine to you as well.