23 September 2011

Got a big happy dose of attention today. I ran into my mentor/editrix in the elevator and when I said I was busy she know immediately whose class I had chosen. I got a start on German easy readers from my exceptionally helpful German teacher. She's willing to make this an ongoing project and I'm thrilled that this stuff exists, also that she has lots of ideas and is so willing to help. Also talked to my friend in German class. She congratulated me on my endeavors in self-medication. I generally underestimate how much it means to say something out loud and be recognized but it really can be enjoyable. She had no understanding of what being medicated is like but she mentioned a support group that she goes to where they talked about this sort of thing. I told her the last time I did support groups i ran into people who'd been in jail, and I live far away. That she could relate to.

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