06 September 2011

My sanity seems to have returned. I wish I could have made it do so a couple days ago. I don't think I did anything special. I read a comic book about comics for one of my classes and the prologue to Lorraine Daston and Peter Gallison's book Objectivity, because dealing with multiple epistemologies is something that Anthony Grafton's book on the footnote raised but did not deal with to my satisfaction. He held to a Platonic conception of objectivity as it was maintained within Christian thought, whether his subjects were Christian or not. In the afternoon I went to a barbeque at Omi and Opi's house and blew bubbles for my four-year-old cousin to chase, for about five minutes. We had a warm beer under a raft of awnings and sun umbrellas. When I got quiet after supper they shepherded me inside to watch German tv, though I didn't really understand a thing. My cousin gave me a hug and a kiss goodbye, which was special because he usually makes a big deal of not saying goodbye to me. My family was really easy to be around which has not always been the case.

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