26 September 2011

Renaissance miniaturists often depicted scholars as isolated figures - immured in libraries, working alone at desks laden with classical codices, and accompanied, if at all, by a sleeping lion. [...] In fact, [...] scholars rarely lived, and never worked, alone. they renewed the traditionally monastic customs and usages of academic life. And they created new forms of intellectual sociability and new academic institutions.
Anthony Grafton, The Past as Revelation. I like this story: I have a pendant with a seal of a lion on it.


Factory Supervisor said...

maybe they didn't work alone at a desk in dusty libraries.. but the sleeping lion bit is definitley true.

It's impossible to work without a sleeping lion. fact.

My sleeping lion is a small tabby kitten called Harry.

wrenna said...

You know how I love kittens. I've been thinking I should post on history more often, for your sole entertainment. It is very good to hear from you. I am still waiting on the recording you sent in the mail... I hope you sent it.