22 October 2011

I lied to hide my inability to negotiate my state of mind this week and neither of the people involved got mad. I said I overslept. Which has happened to me in the past, though when it happened before I got no sympathy. I am currently having an anxiety attack over this.


Boris Kane said...

This is good? Being able to tell a white lie is helpful for keeping some sanity, though, that way you have control over peoples reactions.

wrenna said...

I guess. It's trippy. You've got to stay good otherwise.

Boris Kane said...

Oh yeah, for sure.

It feels like an abuse of power, you spend two decades being straight as an arrow, then you decide to throw in some white lies and you realise people either
1. Believe you, or
2. Dont have the guts to call you out.

Then you ask why.