28 October 2011

I was actually paranoid earlier this week - I never showed that professor my paper on that topic. The first time that I was psychotic it was around Halloween, too, and there was a small plane crash with survivors on the news, too. Jealousy figured, too. My doctor's response was to accuse me of not eating enough for supper, which is absurd. I am angry at her for not responding, for apparently having no plan to improve my situation and keep me out of hospital. She plays dumb when things start going badly, and instead of saying she doesn't know. How obnoxious. I would never tell someone to abruptly stop their antidepressant, though, and I have no idea why doing that helped me. I have for the last two days taken a little when I had a certain grinding low celexa feeling. We've never had a conversation about risks versus benefits of antidepressants, or about how to let me collaborate rather than be dictated to when things go badly for me.

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