07 October 2011

This week was drastically in need of improvement so I walked through the afternoon sunshine to a lovely pub which let me carry in local cherry crostata from next door to have with my wee angry scottish ale. I read a book about early modern body parts, some of which are unmentionable, and kind of felt like I was invading a male space. I got a bit tipsy for the first time in a long time, probably thanks to having had breakfast at 5 am (I did get back to sleep after that), and walked up the street to see if my favourite thrifter had any new accessories. She did not, but being the leather artist she is had just the thing to take the stain from my overdyed denim out of my sweet sweet elk hide. So my day was improved. yaay!


Boris Kane said...

definitely the best way to improve a week

wrenna said...

yeah, I plan to go again soon.