11 November 2011

finally finished the Watchmen today. I find most comic books really boring. their boring qualities were in this case made worse by self-referential boring qualities, a plot the writer admits was only enough for half the published length, and mind-numbing violence. I feel like I've wasted so much time. I need to read something really good to get my brain back, but I'll probably just do german homework.


Oscar said...

Was the mind-numbing violence level best suited to that of the movie? I found that to be somewhat enjoyable, well the theme at least-how to correct civilisation etc. not to say that i support mass genocide or anything like that: but the idea that global harmonisation will only occur if everyone has a uniting reason to stick together.

wrenna said...

The movie had extended fight sequences. The book contains a self-referential critique of what you said - all was fine until the guy that had became psychotic in the moment he sliced open the heads of two dogs who had been fed a six year old girl, meaning that he began to see a governing meaning in everything classified according to right or wrong, went and blew the "white lie" and peace secured by "compromise" by sending his diaries to a newspaper... to be interpreted as fact or fiction.

Whatever happened to space alien stories, anyhow? Replaced by the other at home? If the World Trade Center had been crushed by aliens wouldn't they just become the target of violence?

Oscar said...

Yeah that's true, a bit ridiculous in the end.

I call us the 24-hour generation: any significant event will trend on twitter for 24 hours before people move onto something else. Nobody cares for aliens anymore because we went through 50 years of alien obsession. Now we figure that with all our technology and expeditions to Mars, that if we haven't found something, then we probably wont and cbf.

I still have hope, I welcome our future conquerors, maybe they can solve the food crisis with regulated portions of bread whilst we work in the fields harvesting lava for their spaceships.


wrenna said...

harvesting lava