01 November 2011

I am refining my knowledge of "fruity" black teas in search of the perfect Christmas gift for my psychologist. This afternoon I picked up a package including lychee flavoured tea and it is so good that, having opened it, I won't even re-gift it ;)

On the bus earlier this week there was a girl talking about how the wind in her sinuses while she was riding on a motorcycle gave her "an infection." While wind as a vector of illness is an ancient trope, all charm was lost on me in an urge to shove her off the bus. Bitch made me sick.

Today it took me most of my 9am seminar to wake up, but I remembered to ask for advice on how to do my presentation next week and received complements on my theoretical slice and dice. Lately I've been reading feminist blogs about how what's important is what you do, and how people become unpleasant and ignoble little dictators over vocabularies when they have no real life. I'm holding out to find a place to indulge my love of theory.


e.f. bartlam said...

"Bitch made me sick"

That was totally unexpected and tickled me.

I like the blog.

wrenna said...

Watch out, apparently I have fits at strangers.