30 November 2011

I met a nice black cat in the driveway and we had a little visit and she was going to follow me up to the door when the damn dog freaked out in the doorway and chased her up a tree. My poor new friend is up a tree. Today disaster was averted when I showed up in class disoriented in time and found out my group presentation was supposed to be today. Rather than wing it and read from the impossible script I had written and planned to have the teacher look over in her office hours and to also have no slides (my first sentence, I realized this morning, was a trainwreck) I explained the situation to my teacher and she will let me do the presentation by myself on Friday... when I will have simple German sentences about Christmas memorized. I may bring traditional German candy. A Glückschwein (a marzipan pig) if possible. Following that I made haste to the office for disabled students to apply for a deferral on my final required university class ever. Paper was pushed; there was a lineup. Talk about going out with a whimper. I had high hopes for impressing my qualification for graduate school on my professor, but I can't seem to organize my thoughts fast enough to keep up. I am disappointed. I am drinking rum on ice.

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