21 November 2011

My German teacher said today that I should only take her tests if I am having a good day, and if not I should e-mail her and we can reschedule. She substituted my higher mark from an in-class assignment for my failed midterm and offered to punch it even higher if I did better on the final. I am already studying for the final. It was such a weight off of me. Very kind. I felt like I'd been rescued.

Today the space the German clique sits in was full because a girl who is not shy and doesn't even talk to then insists on sitting right next to them. So I sat across the class and a lovely man showed up to sit next to me. He is a grad student auditing the class and only comes sometimes. He smiled hello and laughed a serious, "that's terrible," when I told him how the illustrations from the back of my library book had been stolen. He had been asking questions about my stubborn term paper.

Two lovely people instead of the clique.


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I was so giving up, this is the best possible news.