22 November 2011

So I am working on my stubborn project and it is going but slow: I am having to read a lot. I had a panic attack but it is okay. Do your panic attacks go away? Mine stick around making me feel as though I am going crazy.


Oscar said...

My 'panic attacks' (shortness of breath, heightened anxiety) stuck around only until i did something significant, ie alcohol or spoke to someone, anyone; and it was probably the alcohol that helped.

I remember when i was taking exams that i would frequently awake in the middle of the night fearing that i would fail, i wouldn't be able to sleep again until i studied for hours.

How do you attempt to deal with panic attacks?

wrenna said...

I try to talk to someone. I take clonazapam and loxapine or if I'm very desperate, some olanzapine. I try to avoid that because I bloat up a few pounds for every 5 mg, which is a very small dose. I go to sleep, usually this happens in the evening and sometimes I can get an early start on the next day. I used to take Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea, but now my body has developed a tolerance to it and I take melatonin. I guess I will switch back when I develop a tolerance for melatonin. I used to find exercise helped keep me calmer but the effect is less obvious with the medication I am currently taking than it was with previous ones that generally didn't work as well. I drink one drink regularly and avoid drinking more if I'm feeling off. I drink decaf coffee in the morning and have to stop consuming caffeine after two cups of green tea or one cup of black tea. My medication keeps me from feeling tipsy or being able to tolerate much caffeine.

Oscar said...

Wow. Well that puts things into perspective, I am sorry that I placed such an insensitive/ill informed comment.

My green tea habits have been gettin' out of control.

wrenna said...

Don't be sorry! I didn't think you were insensitive and was happy that you commented.

I'm jealous of this green tea habit of yours.