21 December 2011

I finished up my Christmas shopping yesterday, and brought home paperwhites in an effort to feel festive, but ended up just panicking over the extra five dollars I'd spent. While I was Christmas shopping I read some of my primary sources on the bus. Some of my books finally arrived at the library, but I am to some extent still dependent on other people to make my projects work. Interlibrary loans is looking after the one major source I want for my Anne Carson paper, because it deals with archiving, but warns they might not be able to get it until January, and I am hoping to hear from the Kwakwaka'waka museum in Alert Bay about biographies and stories regarding two men who sold totem poles and house posts for my other project. In the mean time I am reading things on collecting and primitivism in an effort to account for the understanding and motivations my amateur society brought to the items they purchased. I'm also waiting for an article in German, "Progress and the Museum" that underlies some of the theorizing of the "museumization of culture," or movement of more and more people towards collecting and preserving products that have lost their original function and are in danger of disappearing altogether, where modernization implies a constant renewal of our material environment and all of it immaterial infrastructure. Mostly I have been sleeping and drinking tea, though.

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