22 December 2011

I passed my German class! I am an anxious wreck because I worked hard and just couldn't do better. Doesn't usually happen to me.


Oscar said...

Congratulations! More gluwein for everyone!

wrenna said...

Thanks for the congratulations on my crappy showing.

Factory Supervisor said...

Congrats from the factory!
not so crappy.
you passed your German class!
Yay for you.
& happy Christmas things. x

wrenna said...

Happy Christmas things to you too. It's nice to have a couple days to relax.

Factory Supervisor said...

I hope you did manage to relax and have a lovely time.

Unfortunately I spent it all at work contemplating the chewing gum grey carpet tiles..

(I think I may actualy be a fictional character from a Coupland novel)

wrenna said...

That's terrible! So you'd say your Christmas traditions
involve working?

I have a stack of graphic novels I need to get rid of, my sister says I can trade them in for half a book each at her place of work. I don't really read fiction, but it seems like the best deal I may get.