26 December 2011

My little cousin Nicholas makes me like boys more. For Christmas I got to play with diggers who were going to visit their friends in a hotel (he leads a life privileged with lots of travel) and let him open his present the first thing when I walked in the door. The second thing was reading Fox in Socks by Dr Seuss (he grinned saying it was going to be very silly), and the third thing was eating a chocolate St Nick. He advised me that next time he would like me to get him a toy, like everybody else does, rather than books. My mother advised me that I should start writing kids books that don't suck. My mother got him a fireman's coat, hat, and ax, and after that he spent the whole evening running around in reflective gear chopping at people and boxes. "Give me a hug with one arm like I chopped your arm off," he said when he left.


Factory Supervisor said...

I have never read any of the Dr Seuss books. I don't think we had them in Englandshire when I was growing up.. many many years ago..
I gather from their titles they are incredibly silly..
but don't children like silly?

He sounds a lot of fun!

wrenna said...

He is a lot of fun, and very much full of energy, but he immediately calms down and cuddles up for stories. Last time he was over I asked him what kind of music he liked best and he said silly songs, so I went from there. Fox in Socks is a tongue twister, and The Cat in the Hat is about a rainy day visitor. What were your favourite books as a child?