27 December 2011

Today it was raining but as I did nothing yesterday I headed out into the world. I spent my Christmas money on an embroidered silk blouse and enormous bell bottoms. My face is having problems with the light today, but you can see a picture of my blouse.
My arms are still shaking from a really hard yoga class on the interwebs. Now that I have done all the self-involved stuff I can handle I am going to read a really good book about primitive art in civilized places.


Factory Supervisor said...

Primitive art in civilized places..? which actual book is this?
I'm currently reading an in-depth study of how the Mona Lisa was actually stolen from the Louvre in 1911; how investigators involved directly inspired what is now called 'forensic science' and how one was actuall referenced by Conan Doyle in a Holmes story..

wrenna said...

I hadn't realized Conan Doyle was so recent. The book is Primitive Art is CIvilized Places by Sally Price (University of Chicago Press, 1989) and it is about how non-experts interested in "primitive" art conceptualize and mis-conceptualize what they're doing. It is only about 130 pages and is going to be put to use in my revision of my paper about the totem poles put up and the Indian Village members of an amateur association wanted to build in the park at the center of our city.