28 January 2012

Corresponded with a professor I admire about the conferences and workshops she is attending this semester. It is a privilege to get a sense of what she does in terms of career-building, also her mind goes very interesting places and she is not afraid to experiment so it is fun to follow along. It felt good for a minute to have a connection to what is going on with a real historian as I spent my day (and will spend my evening) delving into anthropology for an historical project. Initially I had been intimidated about saying anything about the aboriginal people at the center of my work; now I am reading into the problem in some depth.


Factory Supervisor said...

this just sounds sooo absorbingly beautiful; without even understanding the context of your studies I could drown in them.
You always inspire me to stop sitting around & actually 'get on' and do something..

wrenna said...

It is nice to have someone to look up to that is also into being diverted. I do a lot of looking around and mostly it goes quite slowly. My productivity is embarrassingly low. One of my mentors encourages me to just do and this one has given up on that happening and just says to let her know when she can be helpful, which is so calming when I am having anxiety problems because I am feeling guilty about my low productivity. The process of just being able to be curious feels very rich and rewarding, though, and I get a sense that your work engages with that as well. I never really had any interest in totem poles before this but getting a sense of the debates within anthropology and what talented intellectual explorers left unfinished and just the establishment for me of an entirely new cultural context is inspiring.