16 January 2012

I am hungry for communication and want to tell you something you can relate to, but I have spent the last few weeks hanging on by my fingertips and that is all I have. My medicine made me fall asleep at 7:30, and then so anxious I had to take my backup medicine to put me to sleep at 3 in the afternoon. Nobody around here minds this much; it is an accepted way of coping. I want sympathy, I guess, for my neurons being flagrantly wimpy and out of my control. Instead of wandering, which I love, I came straight home to make up for lost time. Sick time never feels like my time, though, and inevitably I would rather recharge than be putting myself out there with my academic writing.


Oscar said...

The wandering, that is the most wonderful time as you can think and generate ideas.

But the comfort of being at home and making up for the time of doing absolutely nothing but being in your own skin and being by yourself is the most pleasant, it is only at home when i find i can be at a pure stillness and calmness.

What are your goals for the next few months/years, if i may ask? Simply out of curiosity.

wrenna said...

I will finish my degree in May and then work for a bit. I would like to apply to graduate school. If that doesn't work I will try to get a job in a library.