18 January 2012

I can have a notetaker for my German lit class, but the process involves e-mailing all the students in the class that someone with a disability needs a notetaker, and there are only thirteen of us around one table and I don't want the mental barriers to go up, and letting the disability resource center pick the notetaker, when someone very generous has already been letting me borrow her notes. I mind being outed and I mind the nice person who is supplying me with German vocabulary and shrugs about getting paid possibly not getting the job.

I spent half the day with google translate trying to make out what Herder and Goethe admire about Shakespeare and half the day reading translations side by side with the German text. It's been productive but I'm having a panic attack because I overslept and missed my language class this morning. Rationally, I should not be feeling like this.

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