11 January 2012

I understood very little of my German literature class taught in German, but I answered two questions and when I stood up with my paper to audit the class the professor offered to briefly recap during his office hours and a student from across the table offered her notes saying, "I can totally sympathize, I remember last year." It's so nice to be with such supportive people but my German really is terrible.

I have a bunch of homework to do but am trying to keep the balance of work and healthy stuff from last week. Yesterday I went shopping for more kale (all-out this time, I couldn't carry any more home), miso, noodles and seaweed products, also lamb stock to make special Claudia Roden-inspired Egyptian soup. I found quinces, which are an ancient and enchanting fruit, for more Claudia Roden-inspired dishes; it was a lucky shopping trip. Today I took the cat out and he sat on the fence and watched the world go by and then I did yoga. It took me hours to come down.

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