04 January 2012

Luxury cabbage products (Lacinato kale) were on sale at the health food store for $1.50 a bunch. I bought two for chickpea salad with Hollyhock Salad Dressing, and now I'm regretting not having really gone all out, what with the piles of red kale there too. It was a productive afternoon of lunch-stuff making; I have chicken soup with fava beans on the go too. I could probably go vegan if it weren't for my love of chicken soup and parmesan cheese.


Factory Supervisor said...

That actually makes me very hungry..
I could go vegan also.. if I didn't love venison.. pheasant.. I'll stop there and draw a line under the conclusion that I will not be vegan anytime soon.
I love food too much.. all of it.
Especially anything that is unusual to me, I like to try different and new things.. I don't like to have any self-imposed restrictions on what I can experience..

wrenna said...

I am pretty adventurous, but I don't stray very far into the realm of non-traditional farm animals. I think ducks are too cute to eat. But I do know the perfect sausage shop to indulge you at.