19 January 2012

Mary says its not a big deal just to give me her notes so I am going to take her up on it, while I experiment with trying to listen.

It was a day of racing everywhere. Had cats with vomit and diarrhea everywhere to care for first thing, then straight to the psychiatrist, then waiting for a bus in the cold, deciding I had enough time to cash in my milk bottle money for a latte and finding the tattooed guy at the cash register gracious in his acceptance of the complement that he makes the best coffee and it was a shame he was not making this one, then bus to rapid photocopying and straight to my class in order to get a seat in the tiny room, then not understanding a lot of stuff, then talking with my professor about what I didn't catch on Tuesday, then to the library to poach an English translation of the text we are reading next week (with Freud on the uncanny! joy!) and accidentally finding the kind of erotica collection kept by an academic library (further study is necessary) and racing for the bus to run to make my final connection home. I feel hyper alert.

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