21 January 2012

My cat was so excited the snow had melted this morning he decided he had to go for a walk right away, as in, throw a coat on over those pj's ma, it's time for some action. It was wet but he made a go of it. Then he followed me around meowing, so we played ball a bit. My cat has a bit of a belly, which my father and my nurse make fun of, but finding a lower calorie food that is healthy and agrees with him is no simple matter. He is now curled up sleeping next to my books. Good kitty.


Oscar said...

This sounds very pleasant. How much snow did you get this year? Was it a quick dissolution or prolonged? I thought cats vehemently hated any amount of water aside from drinking? Playing catchup :)

wrenna said...

It was a dusting early in the week, followed by a couple centimeters over the coming days, and a rainy melt off come Friday. My cat will get his feet slightly wet on damp pavement, and occasionally plunges a paw into the fish bowl, but a walk requiring wet feet is not his preferred situation. It was cold enough that his paws were probably not melting the snow - he doesn't like the cold even more than he doesn't like the wet.