27 January 2012

Satisfying auditor stress-relief valve let out some steam today as I did not hand in the essay that was due. It would have been good practice, but I have another essay to revise, and another to conceive, and thinking about my ideal job or workers' rights made my head feel suddenly quite empty. Mostly it was a rough week. On my way home I bought things for la vignarola and tried to decide whether my garden needs more helebores. I would like to say I am doing the whole artichoke thing for the vignarola but I am getting them from a can because I cannot bear to waste all those artichoke leaves, and because it is not really spring yet.

I had library success finding an edition of John Dewey's Reconstruction in Philosophy, to which Helen Mirra (click the link!) has published an artful and poetic index, Cloud, the, 3, and coming up with more than I ever knew I needed to know about totem poles and a puzzle about how various sources became connected. No reason to stress.


Factory Supervisor said...

...and what a great 'link' to follow!! wonderful.

wrenna said...

I'm glad you looked! The professor I was talking about above introduced me to Helen Mirra's work last year. I am just getting around to it now. I was reading an interview on Mirra's website about how she doesn't want to be didactic and likes to leave options open and found that very amenable to me.