15 February 2012

I got Valentines from the four year old Nicholas, including an expressionist line drawing of a skidoo in water. Nicholas was playing with a cardboard sleeve for a bottle of rum (Dad is a pilot who duty-free shopped for his ski trip on the way home from Hong Kong), asking what it could be (a rocket? a house for Tigger and all his favourite toys? a spy silo?), and generally running around in circles. I played him some Nick Cave on my iPod and he rocked out a little. He was reportedly trying to be funny earlier in the day and was told with a straight face that leaving your penis hanging out of your pants is very offensive. For my visit he was eating Hershey's kisses. After supper he made off to "play" with the heart-shaped box, making them ride in cars in colour coded patterns, and then, whispering to me, sneaking a couple on the sly. A four year old squirming under a coffee table to be more sneaky is pretty funny. "Can you sleep over?" he asked as I was leaving. For how lame I am at playing he is very nice to me.

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