20 February 2012

I have a 2lb bag of gunpowder tea but I think what I really want is a piece of the blackcurrent and pistachio layer cake I originally had with the tea on a trip to Knows Perfume in Seattle.

I am eating a cup of leftover chickpea and almond soup with saffron instead. Mark Bittman says the recipe is Spanish; I say it's going in the vegan soup file unless you spice it up with some guanciale which would also be good.

1 onion, thinly sliced
3/4 cup toasted almonds, crushed into big chunks (I forgot to toast them)
1/4 tsp saffron
2 cans of chickpeas (or you can fix your own)
vegetable stock to cover (about 6 cups)
handful of parsley, chopped
salt and lots of pepper

I cooked the onion until it was just starting to caramelize, then added the almonds and saffron. Then I stirred in the chickpeas, added the stock and heated the soup to a boil to mingle the flavours. Then I mashed some of the chickpeas to thicken the broth, and the parsley, and ground some pepper in.

My stock was made with an onion, two carrots, a large parsnip, a leek, celery with leaves, and for the last 15 minutes some parsley. I cooked the onion in some oil to start it out and boiled the vegetable for about half an hour, giving a fresher flavour than if it had sweetened up at an hour or so. I am still working on my stock so any tips you might have would be welcome. I find nothing tastes as good as the stock for la vignarola, once you put the peas and in my case chard in.


Factory Supervisor said...

ohhh.. I so want a slice of blackcurrent and pistachio layer cake...

may have a go of that soup as well..

(but I really want the cake)

wrenna said...

Good call. The cake was sooo goood. The cream tasted just like perfectly ripe blackcurrents.