19 February 2012

Today I cleaned my garden, putting the winter leaves in a paper bag to be composted. I planted new hellebores and narcissus, as planned filling out my garden a little more this year. Last year's bulbs should be happy to see the sun, I have snowdrops and more narcissus. My lamb's ear is looking a little raggedy. Then I came inside and drank cocoa.


Factory Supervisor said...

sounds wonderful :)

wrenna said...

It is good to be able to grow things, especially easy things. My uncle with the four year old forwarded me an e-mail from his exotic perennial supplier and I have ordered a lady's slipper (a cousin of the orchid that is a perennial outdoor plant) that I am excited about. I wish I could have a carpet of small ladies slippers, but this one will be 50cm tall with flowers the size of an egg. I will have to hope my lily of the valley comes in carpet-like.