23 March 2012

I took Nicholas on our first solo trip to the park. He went down the swirly slide, dropped his parachute man, and made everything fun. I laid off him and let him go because I understand what it is like to want everything to be just so. Later that night he wanted me to watch him masturbating. I picked him up off his belly and told him I had to go, which was the truth, and he went crying to his mom. I did not tell. His parents shame him and throw him in a cold shower. I have finally thought of what I should have said to him.


thegirlleastlikelyto said...

Yikes! Also, kind of adorable. Poor tyke. How old is he now?

wrenna said...

He's 4 and will be five in July. He's completely adorable with a little bit of the devil in him.