18 March 2012

It was so quiet I even did dishes. I always wait for someone else to do dishes. I also hand washed the three white t-shirts I live in and read my nineteenth century novel. Taking Sunday to the slowest.


Boris Kane said...

haha, i own a dozen of the exact same white t-shirts, and they are the only t-shirts i wear when im not at work. my penchant for wearing the same clothes seems to stem from my wearing a school uniform for the entirety of my primary and secondary schooling.

wrenna said...

Lucky you, going to a fancy school. I don't know why I wear the same clothes all the time. Part of it is that I only buy clothes I really love, so I don't have that many clothes. Part of it is the weather has been freezing and I had this one beautiful warm sweater. I have to make a conscious effort to mix it up.