17 March 2012

Today I gave up my seat on the train to an elderly man who then proceeded to nod off over his cane. My good karma lasted until I caught up with the bus leaving the station and the driver stopped to pick me up. I also returned books to the library, tried on a very nice pair of shoes and decided my jeans needed hemming. Also determined that I could not be edgy if I tried.


Boris Kane said...

Did you have that hesitation before giving up the seat? The should I debate?

I think anyone can be edgy if they want. One just needs to wear black skinny jeans and BAM, edginess acquired.

wrenna said...

Not when it's a tottering old man on a Saturday afternoon. When it's an elderly person commuting during rush hour on a week day I have less sympathy. Then sometimes they know and the old people will get into an argument with each other about not wanting to take the seat.

The shoes were pointy and flat, a dream of shoe. I am tall and like flat shoes. There was another girl who saw me trying them on and then wanted to try them on and she looked way edgier than me. She had short dark hair and I was not wearing my skinny jeans.

Boris Kane said...

Yeah a favourite technique to circumventing the guilt train is to feign being asleep, oh yeah, bad ass.

Sounds like a shweet pair of shrews.