15 April 2012

I had a diversion in my research thanks to the bibliography of the thesis I was re-reading, which led to a discussion with the library assistant who was dispensing said book on disappearance in an age of cultural speed to me, leading to furious, reading three web-pages at once intellectual excitement over the role of silence in Holocaust literature (related in a sideways way to my topic as Anne Carson has written a book on the ancient Greek poet Simonides and Paul Celan - it is questionable whether he survived the Holocaust as he committed suicide later), which is where issues of absence seem to crop up in critical literature, but I think this line of thought is going to be useless to me. If I had known this earlier I could have written a comparison on Eros the Bittersweet and Economy of the Unlost and not read all these theses, as it stands I have almost nothing I can use which only makes it more difficult to put anything forward.

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