19 April 2012

Today there were lots of cats at the shelter but my main focus was attending to Molly, my favourite pretty cat who had been adopted, and then returned, and then was going to be taken back. She did her best to lick my fingers for cleaning up her smelly cage but was clearly rattled. Then a lady from the shelter showed up to take Molly away because the adopter had gotten into a disagreement with the owner of the shelter. The big boy cat and a little flame point himalayan girl cat played with my cat's rejected pink sponge ball, which I had brought because the shelter toys kind of suck. She was timid with me but responded to respect, and soon a guy who had climbed a tree to rescue a cat wanted to adopt her for his mom. I got asked out on a date by another guy but as he was 23 and the resident adult cats had too much baggage for him I politely declined. I was exhausted after waking up at 2 am so walked home and took a nap.

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