05 April 2012

Today while I was minding six cats I met an older man disabled by anxiety who wanted to volunteer. He was happy with my answers to his questions. He wanted to know, for instance, about capturing cats that hide under the cat cages. I felt connected. He had adopted one of the cats a few months ago. I can think of nothing better for anxiety than feline immersion therapy, which I enjoyed today. My favourite pretty cat Molly was back, a tiny bit more relaxed, and licking my fingers, but there was also another shy cat to tend to, a rare female orange cat who was temperamental, and a charming tuxedo cat to congratulate on his adoption.


Heaton said...

Tuxedo cat?

here is how myself and Harry spend a productive day building castles from cardboard boxes..


wrenna said...

That video is hilarious.

Tuxedo cat: a black cat with white paws, and white patches on neck, chest, and belly.