17 May 2012

My friend Mary's been seeing and talking to our German literature professor out of class for a while now. He asked her out on their first official date when she moves to Montreal for the summer. He's about thirty years older than us, white hair. She says she thinks he's way out there in his own world (of romantic fantasy, I would add) but she's going for it. She likes fairy tales.


Heaton said...

We all like fairy tales.
Hope she lives happily ever after.

wrenna said...

So far he's got her a job helping edit a book and offered to let her stay with him. I don't think she'll take him up on the latter. She just dumped her boyfriend of five and a half years and thinks she might stay in Europe for a couple years after this. She's going to East Germany in the fall as an English language assistant for a year. The whole professor thing makes for lots of awkward smiling.